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Kolkata's No.1 Choice for Laptop and Mobile Repairing and Exchange Services!

Get Onsite / at Service Center Repair and Exchange Services For your Laptop or Phone today.


Are you looking for a Professional Smartphone/ Laptop Repair Company?


Welcome to Dr. Repair!

Kolkata’s most trusted professional Mobile and Laptop Repair and Exchange Solutions.

Dr. Repair is a company that provides the best Mobile and Laptop Repair and Exchange Services in Kolkata. Our certified expert professionals and engineers with 10+ years of experience and know-how of the latest technologies can repair, replace and restore most laptops or smartphones to their original glory. We provide a flat repair service with reasonable and affordable prices and fast on-site maintenance to serve all customers. For the best customer care assistance, we provide free pick up & delivery for all our customers. Call us at 8017506030 to know more about us.

Get Onsite / at Service Center Repair and Exchange Services For your Laptop or Phone today.

We promise to provide

Same Day Service by Certified Technician.

Lowest Price & 100% Genuine Quality Parts used.

We Repair All Brands.

And Solve Any Kind of Problems related to Mobile/ Laptop Hardware.

Get Doorstep Services, Free Consultation!

Certified Technician, Fast Repair.

Good Quality- Post Service Guarantee.

Assured Quality Services. 5-star Rated Repair experts.

2000+ Happy Customers.

5000+ Mobile Phones/ Laptops Serviced.

8 am- 9 pm Customer support.

Call Us Now at 8017506030!




Why Dr. Repair?


ICs & Body




Experts at your doorstep!


More than just a nuisance, when your smartphone/ laptop breaks, you feel cut off from the world! 

If you find yourself in need of immediate mobile phone/ laptop repair, Dr. Repair tech professionals can get you working and “reconnected” very quickly!


At Dr. Repair, our experienced and knowledgeable staff provides expert Laptop/ Mobile Repair and Exchange Services, all at reasonable prices and within reasonable time frames.

We offer a comprehensive repair plan for a variety of electronic devices, and our expert technicians are always up-to-date with the newest products, including iPhones, tablets, and all types of laptops. Our repair services are not just limited to phone devices with cracked screens or water damage, we also perform virus scans and more complex electrical repairs on tablets and laptops for both Windows and Mac devices. We are experts at meeting and more often exceeding all of our customer's repair needs.  

Through their extensive experience, our repair technicians can also provide tips on how to avoid these issues in the future.

While not every device can be immediately fixed, we give our customers a sincere promise that we will do everything we can to bring their electronics back to life.


Our customized repair plans for cell phones and a variety of electronic devices, give our Kolkata customers numerous options for all of their repair needs.

Choose your repair type and book your repair job by scheduling an appropriate time for your device pickup. Once done, our executive partner will pick your device right from the comfort of your home or office and deliver the same to us. Once received, our certified experts will diagnose and fix your device as per your repair needs. And finally, we will dispatch your device for delivery after a quality check through our delivery partners. You will receive your device at your doorstep in a much improved and better state contrary to what it was handed over at. Cell phone repair services are usually completed the same day, often within 1 hour. Our goal for a speedy turn-around time for laptop repairs is 48 hours.


Smartphone/ Laptop Repair


If you own a smartphone or a laptop, you probably depend on it daily. 

Our technicians are trained to fix a vast range of smartphone and laptop models so that your dependable device can be back in your hands quickly.


Is your laptop/ mobile malfunctioning? 


In today's world, very few things can disrupt your work and your life as much as a damaged Mobile or Laptop.


Dr. Repair in Kolkata is a team of professionals dedicated to making technology more convenient for our customers. 

We want you to be able to get back to enjoying your technology, rather than suffering the difficulty and frustration of a damaged or malfunctioning laptop/ mobile. 


A laptop is a significant financial outlay, and moreover, it is important to your personal and business life. That’s why we understand how important it is to get your laptop functioning quickly once again, because the time you must go without can result in significant lost work. Moreover, losing potentially critical data can be devastating to your professional life. That’s why we are so dedicated to recovering lost data as well as repairing your laptop so that it is once again in full working order.


Data Recovery and Viruses

We aim to make your laptop repair in Kolkata as trouble and worry-free as possible. Even if your laptop has been dropped or has experienced water damage, Dr. Repair professionals may be able to repair it and get it back up and running. It’s important to power your laptop/ mobile down as soon as you possibly can if there is water damage, and if it is off already, do not turn it on for any reason.


Another one of our most popular services for laptop and mobile repair is our range of data retrieval and transfer services. Your data is one of your most important assets, sometimes even more valuable and irreplaceable than your laptop/ mobile itself. 


So give us a call and know that your device is in good hands and there is a high probability we will be able to retrieve your data and save you from all the troubles that might have followed.


Viruses are particularly insidious because they not only interfere with the functioning of your laptop, but they can also result in lost data or even permanent damage.


Your personal information is at severe risk with a virus or other infection, which is why we recommend you bring your infected laptop to Dr. Repair as soon as possible. We have experience with removing viruses from laptops, and we can get your laptop back to normal functioning very quickly and efficiently, at a very affordable price.











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The technicians are first-rate: They really know their job and won’t waste your time or money with needless repairs. They are friendly, smart, and completely trustworthy.

You and your team are extremely professional, you show up when you say you will, you complete the requested service, and always go above and beyond what is expected. In all our years I have never once had an issue with my mobile phone or laptop that you didn’t resolve. When there have been questions, you have always answered them. It is for all these reasons we make sure our family and neighbors use your services for all their Smartphone or Laptop Repair/ Exchange needs.

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